Tara is the vegetable tanning and retanning agent “in fashion” in the early years of the new Millennium. The world-wide scenario has been changing dramatically over the last few years for this very special natural product and nowadays Tara is one of the most used vegetable products, mainly in automotive leather, a highly competitive and demanding sector.
The strong partnership developed with TANNCO and the experience accumulated by its partners makes LEDOGA one of the world-wide leading company for this very special product. One of the key factor of the success of TANNCO is the synergy created between Tannco itself and SODA, well known as a fatliquor and syntan producer; in fact all the products based on modified Tara have been developed by SODA.
Now the privilege and honour of serving the leather industry with such a unique product falls in LEDOGA hands.

A special tannin for special leathers. Tannco, a company based in Peru, that was born in 2000 after many years of outsourcing and therefore of experience in the marketing and developing of Tara powder and Tara based products.

NATURAL SODATAN TVT Extremely fine powder
SODATAN EXTRA LIQ. Liquid extract; for more neutral shades and for having a product free from insolubles
MODIFIED SODATAN AFL POWDER Hybrid tannin combining the best characteristic of Tara and DDS syntan
SODATAN AUTO LIQ. Liquid version of Sodatan AFL
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