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Changes of ownership, building of new plants, acquisition of competitors’ facilities, attempts to expand the offer to the leather industry and others, were all events of an 80 years’ history which brought Solpuma brand’s presence on markets and quality to significant levels.
Being active in an even more globalized and competitive world, such as vegetable tanning extracts one can be, means making a huge investment in terms of research and development, expansion and modernisation of the factory. These steps have been made possible within the last few years, since the Solpuma brand has been acquired by Indunor S.A., bringing it to excellency.
In almost one century of history, Solpuma brand has been in the hands of the most well known names of the chemical industry related to tanning extracts production. As a sign of continuity, the marketing of Solpuma brand products is now managed by SODA Tanin Specialties.

Solpuma is one of the historical brands of
the Quebracho tannin industry, and since its
very beginning (1916) the life of this brand
has been marked by significant events.

COLD SOLUBLE SOLPUMA ATO Powder sulphited extract used in tannage and retannage
SOLPUMA ATG Powder sulphited extract golden coloured
SEMI-SOLUBLE SOLPUMA ATS Powder partially sulphited extract for increased fullness
SOLPUMA ATD Powder decolorised and partially sulphited extract